Just a short drive from Portland is Oneota Gorge, Oregon
Rheinstein Castle, Germany
In case of fire..
Nature's Call
It's all online now
Friendships ruined
Amazing Diablo III Crusader Cosplay by Tasha
Damage caused by a bird strike on the nose of an Airbus A320.
The people seem to like him
This is my life now, and I love it.
My friends dog was running around outside in the cold and climbed back in the tent. This was his reacction to the sleeping bag.
Give your post a title
Had to do a double take. Thought my dog was a furry bodybuilder for a second.
Aren't white people supposed to care about race?
Finally Sweatshirt Weather
Coke display at local Target...
As long as I live I will probably never see this again.
Panorama experimentation. This time with two right angles
An underwater forest
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