Cat was so cute, i took a photo. Then i noticed she was actually watching my burning charger...
Old-school trolling from 1930
How I feel about my doctor.
How to Program (in four easy steps)
Us vs Them.
Some people say they paid money to watch a 14 second fight, I say you just watched one of the most dominant athletes in her sport.
Tinder post on the front page earlier inspired me to update mine
Amsterdam is pretty awesome
This is a nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA
I decided to turn Vladimir Putin into a hipster.
They do make wonderful pets.
My friend didn't understand why people were honking and flashing their lights at him.
Tell me, Sir Mittens
This Cheetah cub never stopped staring at us as we drove away.
1 of 1. Pagani Huayra 730S
On this day in 1995, the car chase between Xenia Onatopp and James Bond was being shot. The Ferrari was rented and, after colliding with 007's car, had to be repaired overnight at a cost of $80,000.
parked next to this guy in a parking lot today. this is your camper on drugs.
Business card left at SO's job.
Nearly fainted when I saw this is an Image Index and Image Hosting Service.

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