Soviet Typhoon class SSBN TK-208 under construction in Severodvinsk, USSR ca. 1979
Denver Art Museum; by Daniel Libeskind
Thought I should give this little guy some attention. It's called a banded linsang (Prionodon linsang). Basically It's a giraffe cat.
Lexus LFA in pearl blue
First look at Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Are you seriously smoking!? That stuff will kill you.
The new Madden comes with no instruction booklet, but it DOES come with coupons for batteries and razors, lol
Destiny in Times Square, NYC! Insane!
Friend of mine saw this in McCall Idaho... A Pet Lynx!
Siri pushing my buttons
This cloud looks like a glacier
This is a puppy Australian Shepherd Husky
I saw a few cop cars gathering this morning on my way to work
brain hat
Girl scout nesquik
A handsome Hansom cab, NYC, 1900. colorized by me
The Autumn Adder from Indonesia
This bar had the most insane air hockey table in existence.
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